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Kitty Contemplations

Cat in the Box is on TV!

Cats, cardboard boxes, and customers! Three of my favorite subjects. Watch and listen to this interview on "Around the Clock," a TV program on WACA-TV.

Why do cats eat paper and cardboard?

Some cats just have a penchant for eating or shredding paper and cardboard. This blog post explores some of the reasons why your cat is driven to turning paper products into confetti.

Cats can't resist a cardboard box! See the shelter kitties go wild for a Monster Cheese Wedge

I owe more than a little something to cats. The love and companionship they have openly shared with me over the years...

Ziggy Loves His Mega Milk Carton

Ziggy, a handsome cat from California, loves to show off his Mega Milk Carton. Watch him play with the logo on the side!

On boxes, Schrödinger's Cat, and The Big Bang Theory

What do cats in boxes, quantum physics, and the popular TV show, Big Bang Theory have in common? Read and find out!

Dolores loves cardboard boxes, too, especially the Monster Cheese Wedge

Dolores, a long-time resident of Neady Cats shelter, loves cardboard boxes, but especially the Monster Cheese Wedge.

A Visit to NEADY Cats (and meeting Minnie, who loves cardboard boxes)

My husband and I were lucky enough to connect with NEADY Cats, a no-kill cats-only shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts. On a one-day visit, we donated food and a Mega Milk Carton, and got to meet the shelters many residents and volunteers.

Belle in the Monster Cheese Wedge

Thanks to @Ragdolls_Belle_and_Beau (Instagram) for this fabulous video of blue-eyed Belle in the Monster Cheese Wedge.

Four Signs You Might Be a Cat Person

There are “cat people” and there are “dog people.” Right? Many of us identify strongly one way or the other. But is it just a personal preference or does being a cat person or a dog person reflect something deeper within us?

Why We Love Cats

Scientific studies have shown that owning and spending time with cats is good for our health. But, after a lifelong relationship with cats, including the two special felines I've described in this story, I suspect that the real reason we love cats may be something else entirely.
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