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About Us

About Cat in the Box

Cat in the Box is a certified woman-owned company that designs, manufactures and sells stylish and fun cardboard cat condos and other unique cat products that are 100% animal safe. Made with eco-friendly products, our cardboard cat playhouses are FDA approved food safe so you never have to worry about your cat coming into contact with harmful products. Our cat playhouses are designed to look unique and give your kitty a cardboard cat toy it can enjoy for days on end.

The idea for Cat in the Box came from a Reader’s Digest article about the science behind cats’ love for cardboard boxes. A visit to a friend’s house, where old Amazon boxes were being used as cat toys, sparked the notion that cat play boxes could be designed to add decor to a room as opposed to detracting from it.

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A message from Cat in the Box founder, Dawn LaFontaine


“If you’re like me, you care about where you buy from almost as much as what you buy.

When you buy from Cat in the Box, you are buying from me: a mom of two grown children, a wife to my amazing husband, Chris, and a one-woman business owner.

You’re also buying from a lifelong animal lover. My parents liked to recount how, when I was just an infant in a baby carriage and long before I could speak, I’d vigorously point at every dog and cat on the street.

Knowing how much I loved animals as a child, my folks allowed me to fill our home with a menagerie of rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs and birds. I began inventing little toys for my beloved pets almost immediately. We have old family photos of the extensive Habitrail-like warren I’d built out of empty tissue boxes and toilet-paper tubes to amuse my pet gerbils when I was a small girl.

As a grown woman and mother, I felt it was important to instill a sense of love and respect for animals in my children. They, too, became “pet parents” to an ever-growing family of finned, furred and feathered friends. Together, my children and I (and my husband on days off from work) involved ourselves in animal rescue, devoting many summer hours over the years to rehabilitating former racing greyhounds and fostering homeless baby rats for a very special nonprofit. Today I volunteer weekly at Metrowest Humane Society, a no-kill, cats-only shelter in my hometown of Ashland, Massachusetts.

All along, I continued to design things for my pets when I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in a store. I turned a plastic salad bowl from Walmart into a removable fleece-covered “pigloo” for our guinea pigs to help them stay extra warm in winter, and sewed a hooded jacket for our 160-lb Great Dane when I couldn’t find one large enough for her, even though I didn’t know how to sew.

The idea for Cat in the Box came from an article I’d read in Reader’s Digest explaining the science behind cats’ love of cardboard boxes. Coincidentally, I’d just visited an old friend, who happens to be a cat sitter, and noticed all the empty Amazon boxes she had cluttering up the otherwise impeccable décor in her living room. “They’re for the cats,” she explained to me.

And so the idea for Cat in the Box began to ripen in my mind. Wouldn’t it be nice – for both cats and their owners – to have fun, clean, attractive, whimsical and dedicated boxes for play?

Well, I thought it would be. And I hope you and all your cat friends think so, too.”

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