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Kitty Contemplations

Why do cats get the zoomies?

Out of nowhere, your cat goes from zero to 60 mph, like he’s being chased by an invisible demon. One minute he’s snoozing, and the next he’s dashing madcap around the house like a fool. Read to learn more about "the zoomies."

How often should I take my cat to the veterinarian?

Some people say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But when it comes to cats and visits to the veterinarian, that’s about the worst advice you could take. A well visit to the vet is necessary for vaccinations and to address budding health problems so that your cat can enjoy the highest quality and length of life possible.

How to choose a kitten from a litter

It’s a big deal, choosing a kitten. My very first cat lived to 23. If all goes well, the kitten you choose today could end up becoming the other half of one of the longer relationships you will have in life.

What is feline hyperesthesia syndrome (or twitchy cat disease)?

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome (FHS) is the strangest cat disease you’ve probably never heard of. This post is to explore what we know about FHS, what research has been done to explain this disease so far, and what veterinarians are doing to diagnose and treat it.  

What to do about a finicky cat

The frustration of presenting can after can of gourmet food to a cat who won’t even try it, is real. The expense is real, too. “Just eat already!” you want to say to your picky cat.  It’s easy to feel like your finicky cat is trying to manipulate you. But the idea of a finicky cat is really a myth. Read to find out why.

The Abyssinian cat

Forget everything you ever heard about the Abyssinian cat. It's not an ancient breed and it doesn't come from Abyssinia. But this is a fantastic cat: intelligent, active, and friendly. Gorgeous, too!

Why do cats stretch so much?

When they're not eating, playing, or sleeping, cats are stretching, right? Wrong! Cats don't stretch - they pandiculate! Read to find out all about pandiculation and cats in this post!

Are all white cats deaf?

Are all white cats deaf? Are all blue-eyed white cats deaf? The simple answer is, "no," but the full answer to this question is fascinating.

Should I put a costume on my cat this Halloween?

In short, no. Don't put a costume on your cat. Read to find out why.

Why do cats loaf?

Maybe you call it cat bean, or cube cat, or turkey cat. You might call it hovercat, or potato cat, or sphinx cat. Kitty unit, tugboat, bread cat, and meatloaf, are not uncommon either. Or maybe you don’t even have a name for this thing your cat does. But I know you think it’s cute.

Should you toilet train your cat?

It’s the stuff of dreams, isn’t it? Having a cat, but never having to see, smell, or clean another litter box for the rest of your life? Toilet training a cat sounds like a great idea that isn't. Read to learn why you should never train your cat to use a toilet.

Can my cat drink milk?

Why do we associate cats with milk? We really shouldn't. Mammals (like cats and humans) just weren't designed to drink milk in adulthood. Read why cats seem to really crave milk, and why we shouldn't feed it to them no matter how much they beg.
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