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Kitty Contemplations

Do cats have 9 lives?

Cats, as we cat-lovers know all too well, are mortal, with but one all-too-short life to live. People in medieval times thought cats were evil or mystical, and thus attributed special powers to them, like extra lives. But why do we say that cats have nine lives today, hundreds of years later, when we know better?

The Scottish Fold cat

The Scottish Fold is cuteness incarnate. Even celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift can't refuse their charms. But there are some who say the Scottish Fold, one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, shouldn't be bred at all. Read to learn more about this unusual cat and the controversy that goes along with it.

Why do cats hiss?

Hissing is not what you think it is. A hissing cat is not being aggressive. A hissing cat isn't mad at you. A hissing cat doesn't dislike you. So what does hissing really mean? Read to find out!

Why do cats knead or "make biscuits"?

On the long list of odd cat behaviors, the kneading of the paws, sometimes called “making biscuits,” has got to be somewhere near the top. There are lots of theories about why cats engage in this unusual behavior. Are any of them true?

Why do cats chew on plastic?

Cats are weird. They chew on plastic and sometimes they eat it. If you’re reading this and you have a cat, you probably already know that. But do you know why cats chew plastic? Read this blog post to find out more, including why plastic chewing is so dangerous and what you can do about cats who can't get enough of it.

The British Shorthair cat

Get a British Shorthair and you'll never stop smiling (read more to find out why!)

Bringing home a new kitten – The first day and beyond

There is nothing more momentous than the beginning of a new relationship with another living thing. Are you bringing home a new kitten soon? Read this post if you want to learn how to do it exactly right.

Bringing home a new kitten – things to do before your kitten arrives

Bringing home a new kitten. Were five more delightful words ever strung together in the English language than those? If you’re reading this post, you’re probably planning to add a new kitten to your life. Follow these tips to get ready for the new arrival!

Why do cats meow?

Did you know that cats reserve meowing for humans? It's their special way of communicating with the people in their lives. Learn all about when and why cats meow and what you should never do if your cat meows too much.

Foods that are toxic to cats

Cat food commercials hinge on the idea that cats are finicky eaters. But most of the cats in my life have enjoyed vigorous appetites. They’ve always been curious about the foods I’m eating and sometimes want to try a bite, too. But is it safe to give your cat a bite of human food?

Why does my cat keeping throwing up?

All cats vomit, right? It's just part of cat ownership. Or is it?  Vomiting is actually not a normal behavior for cats. Read to find out more about what causes vomiting in cats and what you should do about it.

Why does my cat sleep with me?

Maybe you're one of those people who can't sleep with anything furry in your bed. Or maybe you can't sleep without your pets. But did you ever wonder why your cat wants to sleep with you?
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