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Kitty Contemplations

My cat is stuck in a tree! What should I do?

If your beloved cat is stuck in a tree, you’re probably doing what I would be doing right now: panicking. But now is the time to calm down, think clearly, and plan. Read to find out the steps you can take to get your cat out of the tree and back into your arms.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) in cats

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with an FIV-positive cat at the shelter, and you want to know if this is a health problem you can deal with. Or maybe you just found out that one of your feline family members has tested positive for FIV and want to know how to handle it. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about FIV in this post.

Do cats remember people?

You're going away to college, or on a long vacation. Will your cat remember you when you get back? We love our cats and remember our special relationships with them all our lives. But what do we mean to them? Do cats remember people?

What kind of food bowl or water dish should I buy for my cat?

Metal, ceramic, glass, or plastic? What kind of food bowl or water dish is best for your cat? The pet-bowl aisle at the Big Box pet stores can be overwhelming. There are so many choices! But it's easy to narrow down the best options for your cat once you know the facts.

The American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair cats came to be in the way many Americans have become citizens: through immigration. And much like the human melting pot that is America, the American Shorthair is the result of the coming together, over time, of the very best of catkind. Read to learn more about this hearty, healthy, lovely breed of cat.

Should I put a collar on my cat?

There should be an easy answer to this question, but there isn't. There are vets and animal-welfare organizations that argue both sides of this question very convincingly. In this post I'll discuss the benefits and potential dangers of collars. We'll also talk about how to properly and safely fit your cat for a collar, if you decide your cat should wear one.

My cat has fleas! What should I do?

As small as they are, fleas aren’t just a little problem. One itty bitty flea can turn into a monster swarm of 20,000 fleas in just 60 days. The bites can drive a cat absolutely mad with irritation, and a serious infestation can be life-threatening to some cats. Read to learn more than you ever really wanted to know about fleas.

The tuxedo cat

All cats are elegant. But the tuxedo cat, outfitted by nature in a dinner jacket, white bib, and spats, seems to have an added flair. There’s a lot to learn about how tuxedo cats have come to their unusual markings, but there are also myths to dispel. Read to learn more about the spectacularly marked tuxedo cat.

Hepatic lipidosis in cats

Every loving cat guardian should know about hepatic lipidosis. It's the most common liver disease in cats and the disease is almost certainly fatal if not treated immediately. Worse, it comes on quickly, usually when your cat stops eating for a few days. Overweight cats are at even higher risk for this disease. Read to educate yourself about this important cat topic.

Why does my cat shed so much?

Shedding is how a cat’s body gets rid of old, ragged, dead hair to make way for fresh, new hair that can best perform its insulating and protective duties. But how much shedding is normal? And when should you worry that your cat is shedding too much? We answer these questions and more in this post.

Are essential oils safe for cats?

Essential oils can be very dangerous to cats. Read to learn more about essential oils and why cats in particular are so susceptible to their toxicity.

The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is living work of art. Her body is long, lean, and lithe, and she slinks as much as walks. Her head, wedge-shaped and dramatic, is set off by dazzling blue eyes. Her fur clings to her body; it’s sleek to the touch and a wonder to gaze upon. It’s as if all her coloring has scattered to the edges.
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