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Kitty Contemplations

Do cats get jealous?

Do cats experience jealousy the way we do? It's a question we humans have been asking about our pets for thousands of years. Find out whether cats feel jealousy, and what to do when you think your cat is jealous of the new baby, the new kitten, your new boyfriend, or of the other cats in your household.

Noises Cats Love. Noises Cats Hate.

Did you know that some household noises are extremely annoying to cats? Or that cats love music -- just not ours? Read to find out more about which sounds appeal to your cat and which ones turn them off.     Thanks for reading all the way to the end. But don't click here. 

How Do You Bathe A Cat?

Do cats even need a bath? Most of the time they don't, but under certain circumstances a cat will need your help bathing. This article includes tips and techniques for bathing your cat, including the kind of shampoo you should NEVER use, and answers the question about when it's time to hire a professional groomer.

Cat in the Box Gets Special Mention in a Slew of Holiday Gift Guides in 2019

Was it a good Christmas for you? It was for Cat in the Box. Our products were featured in some truly special gift gui...

The 12 Days of Christmas Dangers for Cats

Cats are curious creatures. If something new appears in their environment, it must be explored. During the holidays there’s something new and thrilling, from your cat’s point of view, around every corner. But he’s not waiting for Christmas morning and he doesn’t need to unwrap a thing. His first thought upon spying anything climbable, chewable, paw-able, or edible in your house will be, “You brought that home for me?”

Cat in the Box is in Reader's Digest

Cat in the Box is in Reader's Digest!

Fun Xmas Gifts Your Cat Will Love

Fretting about what to get your cat for the holidays? Fret no more. We have unique ideas for every budget and taste. And your cat is sure to love them all.

What is a Munchkin cat?

The Munchkin cat is cuteness incarnate on four very short little legs. Learn more about why this breed might not be a breed, how the Munchkin cat came to be, and what this adorable little feline is like to have around the house.

Cat in the Box is featured in CEO Blog Nation!

Dawn LaFontaine and Cat in the Box are featured in CEO Blog Nation!

Check out this How Stuff Works article on Munchkin cats!

We were honored to featured in this article about Munchkin cats by How Stuff Works.

How to train a kitten to use the litter box

It's easier than you would think to train a new kitten to use the litter box. But there are several important considerations, including the placement, number, and type of litter boxes that should be considered to get training off to a successful start.

U.S. News and World Report Features Comments by Cat in the Box

We loved chatting with Andrea Woroch, writer for U.S. News & Report, about affordable pet-care strategies.
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