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Kitty Contemplations

Why does my cat put his paw on me?

Have you been touched by a cat paw? What does it mean? A paw touch can actually mean a whole range of things, depending upon the cat and the circumstance. Open the post to see a whole lot of pawsy cats, including a one special copycat from Japan.

What is a Maine Coon cat?

It's not a raccoon, and it's not a mountain lion cross of any kind. But what is it? Learn about the "Gentle Giant" of the cat world here.

The most hilarious Christmas cat memes and cartoons

We love Christmas and we love our cats. Put the two together and might have a disaster in the making. At least we can laugh about it afterwards.

Why is my cat peeing on my bed?

Is your cat peeing or pooping absolutely everywhere except where she should be doing her business? Read to find out the cause of litter-box fails, and what you can do to help your cat (and yourself!).

Do cats know their own names?

Science proved that cats know their own names, but that they might just be ignoring us.

Why does my cat head butt me?

You’ve stepped out of the house for an hour. When you return and lean over to give your cat a little pat, she’s all up in your grill, purring and rubbing her forehead against your cheek and chin, like you’ve been gone for a year. What does it mean?

How to pet a cat

You wouldn't think there was this much to it, but there's a lot of things you might not know about the right way to pet a cat. To start with, let the cat pet you. Read on to learn the rest.

Why is my cat growling?

A cat's growl is a guttural, harsh sound. It's deep, almost rumbling. But do you know what a cat's growl means?

I found a stray cat. Now what?

An apparently homeless cat has wandered into your life. Do you know what to do? Whom to call? And what steps to take? Read this helpful guide so that you can make the best decisions for the the cat so that she has the happiest outcome possible.

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

You've seen the videos: someone sneaks up behind an unsuspecting cat with a cucumber and the cat goes flying! So funny, right? Or not....

Why won't my cat drink out of her bowl?

Does your cat drink out of the toilet but refuse to drink out of her bowl? Why don't cats want to drink water you've freshly poured for them into their special bowl?

Why are cats obsessed with laser pointers?

Is your cat OBSESSED with the laser pointer? Find out why. Learn about the controversy over laser pointers and whether or not they are safe for your cat.
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