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Kitty Contemplations

What to do if a cat bites or scratches you

Even though it may seem like nothing, and even though they are absurdly common, even the smallest cat bite is a medical emergency. Read to find out why.

How to keep cats off the counter

What is cats' obsession with the kitchen counter? It might surprise you, but there are good reasons why your cat wants "up." Does that mean you should allow your cat on your kitchen counters? Even if you don't like cats on the counters, is there anything you can do to keep them off?

How to foster kittens

Are you interested in fostering kittens? Read this post to find out what's involved in fostering, how to become a foster, and what you'll need to have on hand before your litter of kittens comes home. But first, read our quick, three-question questionnaire to see if this is the right time for you to consider fostering a litter of motherless kittens.

Fun facts about orange cats

You’ve probably heard all the myths about orange kitties, which you might also call reds, gingers, or marmalades. You may have heard that all ginger cats are male, or that orange cats are the friendliest cats. Read to find out what is really true about orange cats. You might be surprised!

Can cats see in the dark?

Cats cannot see in true, complete darkness any better than any other living thing with eyes. But it sure seems like they can.  Read to find out what's really extraordinary about cats' vision in this post. I also answer the questions, "Can cats see in color?" and "Why don't cats watch TV?"

The American Curl cat

The American Curl is the result of a happy accident of nature. These unusual cats have ears that roll backward toward the skull. But not every American Curl has curly ears. Read to learn more about this very uncommon breed of cat, the genetics behind the curl, and how this breed differs from other cat breeds with differently shaped ears.

Why do cats bunny kick?

It's all fun and games until the bunny kicking starts.  Why do cats grab objects, or worse, your hand or foot, and attempt to shred them to pieces with their hind legs? Should you allow your cat to bunny kick? What should you do if your cat grabs one of your body parts and starts kicking?

Why does my cat stick his butt in my face?

I have loved all of my cats, but there are just some body parts I don’t need to get up close and personal with. What do cats mean when they expose their rear ends to you? Are they being rude and insulting? Are they trying to offend?

The Havana Brown cat

I love chocolate in all its forms, including the "chocolate delight" that is the Havana Brown cat. This rare breed of cat didn't come about by accident. I may be oversimplifying, but some serious cat breeders in the 1950s got together and said, "I think we need a chocolate-colored cat." The Havana Brown was the lovely result. Read to find out more about this beautiful and charming breed of cat.

The 2022 cat-food shortage and what to do about it

A trip to your local grocery store or pet shop for your cat's favorite food can be scary. The shelves are almost bare! What is going on? What can you do to make sure your cat gets fed?

My cat is stuck in a tree! What should I do?

If your beloved cat is stuck in a tree, you’re probably doing what I would be doing right now: panicking. But now is the time to calm down, think clearly, and plan. Read to find out the steps you can take to get your cat out of the tree and back into your arms.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) in cats

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with an FIV-positive cat at the shelter, and you want to know if this is a health problem you can deal with. Or maybe you just found out that one of your feline family members has tested positive for FIV and want to know how to handle it. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about FIV in this post.
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