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Kitty Contemplations

Hepatic lipidosis in cats

Every loving cat guardian should know about hepatic lipidosis. It's the most common liver disease in cats and the disease is almost certainly fatal if not treated immediately. Worse, it comes on quickly, usually when your cat stops eating for a few days. Overweight cats are at even higher risk for this disease. Read to educate yourself about this important cat topic.

Why does my cat shed so much?

Shedding is how a cat’s body gets rid of old, ragged, dead hair to make way for fresh, new hair that can best perform its insulating and protective duties. But how much shedding is normal? And when should you worry that your cat is shedding too much? We answer these questions and more in this post.

Are essential oils safe for cats?

Essential oils can be very dangerous to cats. Read to learn more about essential oils and why cats in particular are so susceptible to their toxicity.

The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is living work of art. Her body is long, lean, and lithe, and she slinks as much as walks. Her head, wedge-shaped and dramatic, is set off by dazzling blue eyes. Her fur clings to her body; it’s sleek to the touch and a wonder to gaze upon. It’s as if all her coloring has scattered to the edges.

How much should I feed my cat?

It sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? But figuring out how much to feed a cat can be tricky. It involves a little science and a little art, as there are many factors at play, including a cat's individual metabolism and the food you choose. Read to find out more.

How can I make my cat love me?

You wanted the cat. You had to convince your boyfriend to get a cat. And now the cat prefers your boyfriend. Do you feel that cats don’t love you as much as you love them, or that even your own cat doesn’t love you as much as you adore him? If so, this is the post for you. 

Why do cats trill?

A trill is a precious little sound, somewhere between the coo of pigeon, a hum, and the sound my electric toothbrush makes. I’ve heard it described as a Spanish-language rolled “R,” or like a toy helicopter, but none of these descriptions really do the trill justice. But why do cats make this sound?

Why do some cats have extra toes or polydactyly?

Why do some cats have an excess of toes? What causes them to form? Are extra toes a sign that a cat is inbred? Is this condition very rare? Is it dangerous for a cat to have extra toes? We’ll answer all of these questions (and more) in this post.

The tabby cat

Did you know that ALL cats are tabby cats? As crazy as that sounds, it's true. Read the post to find out why.

The Oriental Shorthair Cat

Just one look at this unusual cat and you know the Oriental Shorthair is something special. Read to find out more about this unusual breed of cat that will poke around in your purse looking for something to play with, cuddle under the covers with you, and talk your ear off all day long.

Why do cats arch their backs?

There is almost nothing "cattier" than a cat with an arched back. It's such a quintessential cat pose that we immediately recognize that Halloween cat shape, even in shadow. But what makes cats arch their backs?

Why do cats drool?

Wait – cats drool? I thought that was a dog thing? Actually, cats drool, too. Most of the time the cause of drooling is perfectly harmless – even kinda cute. But sometimes drooling is a sign of something more serious. This post will review the reasons cats drool. A loving cat guardian can use this information to determine whether they should be concerned about their drooling cat.
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