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Kitty Contemplations

Are you ready to adopt a dog or a cat? Ask yourself these 5 questions

Are you thinking about adopting a pet? It's a big decision - not one to be taken lightly. Read our list of the 5 things to consider before welcoming a new dog or cat into your home to see if you're really ready.

NBC News Features Comments by Cat in the Box

I was so delighted that Cat in the Box was featured in an NBC News article about adopting a pet. The article was about the 10 questions you should ask yourself before bringing a new "fur baby" to his or her "furever" home. 

Listen while I chat cats, boxes, and business with Steve Chou of the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast!

Steve Chou, founder of podcast and blog, Create a Profitable Online Course, and cofounder of Bumblebee Linens was my gracious host on Episode 272, where we chat cats, boxes, and business.

Cat in the Box is on The Amazing Seller Podcast!

I was thrilled beyond belief to be a guest on Scott Voelker's podcast, The Amazing Seller. In TAS Episode 717, Scott and I chat cats, boxes, and business, and he offers rapid-fire suggestions for leveraging my love for and knowledge about cats. 

Why does my cat chatter his teeth?

What is chattering? What does a chattering cat sound and look like? Many theories abound about why cats engage in the strange behavior of chattering, including use of the vomeronasal organ, and frustration or boredom. But science recently discovered the true meaning behind chattering: it's a feline hunting strategy that employs imitation as a way to lure prey to a better position for attack.

Cat in the Box is on our favorite cat podcast: Cattitude!

  If you love podcasts -- like me -- and you love cats -- also like me, you've surely uncovered the gem that is the...

Thanks, Kitten Lady, for sharing some of your mayhem with me

I recently sent along a Monster Cheese Wedge to entertain Kitten Lady’s latest batch of kitten mayhem and this is what ensued.

Cat in the Box pitches to MassChallenge Houston!

Cat in the Box gets to pitch to MassChallenge in Houston!

Meet Rory, my new cat-shelter friend

I have a new special "project" at the cat shelter where I volunteer, and her name is Rory.

5 Minute Pitch Finals!

5 Minute Pitch - the final chapter of my 5 Minute Pitch story!  

Listen to Cat in the Box on EComCrew Podcast Episode E244!

I was so thrilled to be invited by Mike Jackness of EComCrew to be a guest on his podcast which enjoys a listening audience of 50,000.

A cardboard box helps Velvet adjust to shelter life

Cats in shelters benefit from access to a cardboard box. Read about Velvet's experience at NEADY Cats, a no-kill, cats-only shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts, and about the science behind cats' love of cardboard boxes.
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