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Kitty Contemplations

Should I use a spray bottle to train my cat?

Some people think that a spray bottle is a humane and effective way to train a cat. But it neither of those things. Read to find out why.

Non-recognition aggression in cats

Your cats, who may have been best friends until now, are suddenly fighting with each other. And it only happens after one cat has returned home. Why?

The Devon Rex cat

Did this cat arrive to Earth by alien spacecraft?

How long does a cat hold a grudge?

It's a trick question. I don't believe cats hold grudges. Read to find out more.

Do cats dream?

Cats actually do dream, or so scientists believe. We even think we know what cats dream about, and whether they have nightmares.

The Burmese cat

Did you know that there are actually two types of Burmese cats, and that some might argue that there isn’t much Burma in the Burmese cat at all?

Can you bring your cat on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your cat on a plane. But should you? What if you have to bring your cat on plane?

Can I change my adopted cat’s name?

If you adopt a new cat, don't be afraid to change her name. Read the post to learn why.

What is a reverse sneeze in cats?

The first time you see it, you’re sure your cat is choking. Or having trouble breathing. But it's probably just a reverse sneeze. 

The Bengal Cat

If you’ve ever fantasized about keeping a wild cat as a pet, you are not alone. The Bengal cat looks like a little leopard, and has more than a bit of wild cat in his ancestry.

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in cats

Feline infectious peritonitis, also known as FIP, is one of the strangest, least understood of all cat illnesses.

Should I get an Apple AirTag for my cat?

An Apple AirTag is gadget designed to help you keep track of your stuff, but could it help you keep track of your cat, too?
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