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Kitty Contemplations

Why do cats eat grass and then throw up?

Cats are weird. They eat grass and then vomit. Theories abound about why they would do such a strange thing. But only science can really explain why.

Why are cats so crazy for catnip?

What is it about catnip that makes cats wild? Is catnip a drug? Should I be worried about letting my cat use catnip?

Road trip! How to take my cat on a trip in the car

There’s the Thelma & Louise fantasy of riding in the car with your cat: two carefree souls, out on the open road, looking for adventure. And then there’s the reality of riding in the car with your cat: mile after mile of skull-rattling meowing.

Why does my cat knock things over?

Anyone who lives with a cat knows to keep their breakable valuables off tables and shelves. Why do cats seem to take perverse pleasure in knocking things over?

How to keep litter-box odor under control

It's every cat owner's Holy Grail: an odorless litter box. But is it possible?

Can cats and dogs get along?

Do cats and dogs have to fight like cats and dogs? Read to find out.

What is a Sphynx cat?

Glorious wrinkles upon wrinkles. An expression that could wilt the most self assured among us. And a tail that could slice through cake.

Should you microchip your cat?

Wondering if microchipping is safe for your cat? Worth the expense? Dangerous? Read and find out whether you should microchip your cat.

Why do cats scratch furniture?

Cats scratch furniture. That's what they do. Learn why cats scratch furniture and if there is anything you can do about it.

Is there such a thing as a hypoallergenic cat?

A hypoallergenic cat is a dream for cat-loving allergy sufferers. But is it a reality?

5 Things we do that our cats hate

You love your cat. We know you do. We love our cats, too. But sometimes we do things that our cats can’t stand and we don’t even know it. Read to learn the 5 things we do to our cats that they really hate. 

Why does my cat try to cover or bury her food?

Does your cat appear to be trying to bury his food dish? Ever wonder why your cat engages in such a strange behavior?
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