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The most hilarious Christmas cat memes and cartoons

The most hilarious Christmas cat memes and cartoons


We love Christmas and we love our cats. Put the two together and might have a disaster in the making. At least we can laugh about it afterwards.


I’ve collected some of my favorite Christmas and holiday cat memes and cartoons from around the web. If you find any of them as funny as I did, remember you that were laughing if you happen to find your own cat nestled amongst the ornaments on your Christmas tree.


(P.S. I wish I could say that all this incredible creativity is my own, but it isn't. It's not always easy to track sources, but I've done my best to include them wherever possible.)


cat walking away from the Christmas tree lying on its side: "My job here is done."
cats on a cat tree decorated with lights and ornaments: "We decided to accept the inevitable and just get a cat tree."
cat walking past a hallway saying to owner near a Christmas tree, "I puked in the kitchen. Merry Christmas."
cat placing a dead mouse in a purse: My cat participating in the Secret Santa exchange"
cat giving another cat a plain cardboard box: I get you this box, but you have to play with the box it came in?
two cats standing over a dead rat: I thought we weren't doing gifts this year
two cats, one cat with tinsel coming out of its butt: "Have you seen the tinsel?" "No."
two cats at a cafe talking. "there's something special about the tree at night, with the twinkling lights and all the broken ornaments on the floor." "Yeah, it's pretty magical."
cat giving another cat a gift that is shaped like a fish and dripping wet. "Why do I think this was last minute?"
cat and dog beneath the mistletoe. The cat says, "Don't even think about it."
cat staring a christmas tree: They really underestimate my appetite for destruction."
cats playing Wheel of Fortune. Clues look like should spell "decorate the tree" but the cat guesses" decimate the tree."
cat opening a gift given by another cat. There is a dead rat inside. "You played with it before you gave it to me, didn't  you?"
cat talking to another cat at a cafe. "I'm way behind schedule. there are boxes to sit in, wrapping paper to lie on...I haven't even knocked down the tree yet." "The holidays are so stressful."
two cats talking near a wrecked Christmas tree."Oh Matilda, I love what you've done to the place!"
cat reading advice on a cellphone near a Christmas tree: "Mindfulness is living in the present." Cat jumps inside the box from a present.




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