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Cat info

Foods that are toxic to cats

Cat food commercials hinge on the idea that cats are finicky eaters. But most of the cats in my life have enjoyed vigorous appetites. They’ve always been curious about the foods I’m eating and sometimes want to try a bite, too. But is it safe to give your cat a bite of human food?

Why does my cat keeping throwing up?

All cats vomit, right? It's just part of cat ownership. Or is it?  Vomiting is actually not a normal behavior for cats. Read to find out more about what causes vomiting in cats and what you should do about it.

Why does my cat sleep with me?

Maybe you're one of those people who can't sleep with anything furry in your bed. Or maybe you can't sleep without your pets. But did you ever wonder why your cat wants to sleep with you?

What is a Ragdoll cat?

The nickname of this cat breed is "puppy cat." Need I say more?

Can cats eat cheese?

You pull out a block of Jarlsberg to make yourself a cheese-and-cracker snack, or a few slices of American for a quick grilled-cheese sandwich. And suddenly, the cat appears from out of nowhere, tangling herself in your legs, and meowing to wake the dead. Your once-dignified feline is begging (like a dog, for goodness’ sake!) for a bit of cheese.

What is the primordial pouch in cats?

Have you noticed your cat has some loose belly skin? Are you worried that her stomach is hanging low because she's overweight? Or maybe you think the loose skin on her tummy is because she was once pregnant, or you're concerned that she's got a bit of a "pooch" from lack of exercise. Actually, the loose-hanging belly that you're noticing is not from any of those things and it's a perfectly normal part of any cat's anatomy.

Excessive grooming in cats

Cats are clean by nature. They devote up to half of their waking hours to grooming and licking themselves spotless. But sometimes they take it too far, licking themselves constantly, obsessively, and compulsively. Some cats groom themselves bald. Some cats lick until their skin is raw and infected. How do you know when grooming is actually too much grooming?

Separation anxiety in cats

Cats are supposed to be aloof, right? Independent, standoffish even. But what if your cat really can’t live without you, not even for a few minutes? What if your cat has separation anxiety?

Why does my cat bite me gently?

Is your cat a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, purring happily on your lap one minute, and then sinking his teeth into your hand the next? Does your cat start out playing with you and then end up biting? Cat bites happen, and they happen for different reasons, and they differ in meaning depending upon your cat. Read to find out more about why cats bite and what to do about it.

What is the Siberian Cat?

This cat was built for roughing it in one of the coldest places on earth, but she's more than just fluff. The Siberian is most happy amongst her people, even if her "people" are dogs. The Siberian is an ancient breed just full of surprises. Read to find out more.

How do you know if your cat is sick?

Does something seem "off" about your cat? Are you worried, but think that maybe you're just being a worrywart? You are right to be concerned, because if your cat is sick or hurt, she's doing everything in her power to avoid letting you know. Read to find out what are some of the signs of illness or injury in cats.

How to help a cat lose weight

Is your cat overweight or obese? How do you know? Should you put your cat on a diet, and if so, how much should you feed him? We answer all of these questions in this in-depth blog post about cat obesity.
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