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Some of my favorite people are cats car magnet

“Some of My Favorite People Are Cats” Car Magnet

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“Some of My Favorite People Are Cats” Car Magnet

The perfect gift for your cat-obsessed friend, our car cat magnet shamelessly and pridefully proclaims a love for feline friends. Anyone who’s ever loved a cat knows that cats are more than just pets. You can say so to the world with this car decal magnet on your vehicle, which suggests, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, where the cats we love rank in our lives.

Our cat car decal magnets are a hefty 30mm thick and are made with UV-protected inks. This magnet is approximately 5 ¾ inches in diameter.

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It was 9 p.m. and I had just gotten home from a long day at work. I came in, kicked off my black leather Mary Jane’s, plopped my purse down on the ottoman and laid across my Naugahyde sectional with cat claw marks in the arm and across the top of the backrest.

About time for a new sofa, I thought to myself. “Mr. Whiskers! Here, boy! Here, kitty kitty kitty!” I called. I waited a moment to hear the padded patter of cat beans across my kitchen tile, but nothing. “Mr. Whiskers!” I called again. I heard a crash from the kitchen, followed by the sound of glass breaking on my terra-cotta floor.

I entered the dark kitchen and flipped on the overhead LEDs to find Mr. Whiskers contentedly seated on the edge of my countertop, his tail hanging down over the edge and fluttering back and forth, casting shadows on the low cabinets where I hid all of my mismatched tupperware. On the floor, shards of glass were everywhere, lightly stained with the previous night’s cabernet.

“Mr. Whiskers! Why did you do that!” He looked at me momentarily and then meowed, throwing his head back.

“I’m sorry I was gone so long. I had a lot to do at work today and couldn’t get home for lunch. Someone has to make the money around here,” I explained, slightly miffed.

“MOWWWWWW,” he cried, then jumped off the counter and disappeared into the darkness of the laundry room. I didn’t see Mr. Whiskers the rest of the night. The next morning, he seemed to be actively avoiding me. I went into work that day put off by his behavior. I was hurt. Was Mr. Whiskers really that upset with me? Was he done with me for good? I had to make it up to him somehow.

With the workday concluded, I made my way out into the parking lot, wondering how to make it up to Mr. Whiskers, when I heard a car screech to a halt. I looked up and saw the brake lights of Gina’s beige Accord. Consumed by my thoughts, I hadn’t seen her backing out and walked right into her path. Then, in the bottom left of her rear window I saw a decal with the outline of a cat and text that read, “Some of my favorite people are cats.” It was then that I knew how I would make it up to Mr. Whiskers.

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