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Beach Cottage Cardboard Cat Playhouse

Beach Cottage Cardboard Cat Playhouse

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Beach Cottage Cardboard Cat Playhouse

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The Breezy Beach Cottage is a cardboard cat playhouse purrrfect for kitties who love a weekend getaway to the lake or beach. This cat condo gives cats that relaxing feeling we all get when we're on vacation. The cat playhouse kit comes with a cardboard beach cottage in white with teal accents, and a large sheet of beach-themed stickers to decorate it with. Dress your Breezy Beach Cottage up with some beach grass and sand, some teal shutters, and adorable beach-y accents, like starfish, scallop shells, and flip flops.

Assembled, the Breezy Beach Cottage is approximately 17.75 inches tall and 13.25 inches wide and deep. The door is roughly 8.75 inches tall by 7.25 inches wide. The sticker sheet is huge - roughly 16.75 inches by 12 inches - and contains 80 individual stickers.

Our Breezy Beach Cottage cat playhouse is an eco-friendly product, made of completely recycled cardboard. Inks are soy-based and designed to be used in human food packaging. Toners are FDA approved for direct contact with human food. The boxes and inks are made in the USA.

  • Made in the USA
  • Imprinted with human-grade toners and soy-based inks
  • Made from recycled cardboard

For once, Mr. Whiskers was silent.

I was relieved. Honestly, it’s not easy living with someone who feels the need to express every opinion the moment he has it. But the relief lasted only a moment.

“Is everything all right, Mr. Whiskers?” I asked, with genuine concern. The quietude was so rare I began to worry after my cat’s health.

He didn’t respond, but stared pointedly at the suitcase I was packing on the bed.

Ahhhhhh….he didn’t need to say a word afterall. I knew exactly what he was thinking. Meanwhile, my own thoughts were far away at my little house by shore. I was about to spend another summer weekend away, lounging in a sunny hammock on the porch, reading with my toes in the sand under a big umbrella, cooling off in the waves. My cozy little beach cottage is the perfect place to unwind and get away from it all.

“Well, what do YOU need to get away from? It’s not like you’re doing any of the heavy lifting around here,” I noted, while continuing to tuck several pairs of well-worn madras shorts into my luggage.

Mr. Whiskers turned away from me. He wasn't just quiet; I was getting the silent treatment. I gathered from his frosty demeanor he didn’t agree with my conclusion about a cat’s need, or lack of it, to get away from it all.

That stopped me for a moment. Maybe I hadn’t thought of things from Mr. Whiskers’ perspective. Maybe we all need a vacation from routine. Even cats.

“Well,” I began, pointing out what I thought was the obvious problem with his complaint. “It’s not like there are beach cottages for cats.” I looked down and realized I was using the bathing suit that was still in my right hand for emphasis, and placed it neatly amongst my t-shirts.

And with that, Mr. Whiskers put an end to his short-lived silence. He bounded down from his imperious perch on the dresser with raucous yowl and flipped open my laptop with his paw.

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