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Cat info

How to give a cat a pill

Have you ever had to give your cat a pill? Are you worried that you're not doing it right, or that you are harming your relationship with your cat each time? Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques involved in giving your cat medication the right way.

Why does my cat stare at me?

Why does my cat stare at me? “It’s rude to stare!” I’m sure there was a time my mother said those words to me, and I...

How to introduce a new cat to your cat

Introducing a new cat to your cat takes forethought, planning, and patience. And a little bit of luck, too. Read to learn what steps to follow before bringing a second cat into your household.

What is a Tonkinese cat?

Is it a cat or a dog? Learn about this unusual breed of cat.

Are cats protective of their owners?

When we think of acquiring a companion animal for protection, we think of dogs. But are cats protective, too? Read about some incredible cat heroes, and about the science behind the between between human and cat.  

What is a Turkish Van cat?

Is it a dog, or is it a cat? Read to learn more about the Turkish Van cat, one of the oldest and rarest cat breeds of all.

Why doesn't my cat cover or bury her poop?

Did you know that wild cats only cover their poop under certain circumstances? Why then, do our cats cover their poop at all, and should I be worried if my cat suddenly stops covering her poop?

How do I know if my cat is happy?

Cats make us happy. But are they happy? What signs should you be looking for to know how your cat is feeling? Look for vocal cues, body language, and gestures to know whether or not your cat is happy.

Should I adopt an older cat?

Adopting an older cat probably isn't what you think it's going to be. Read about the myths that surround taking in a senior cat, and also all the unexpected joys.

Why do cats eat grass and then throw up?

Cats are weird. They eat grass and then vomit. Theories abound about why they would do such a strange thing. But only science can really explain why.

Why are cats so crazy for catnip?

What is it about catnip that makes cats wild? Is catnip a drug? Should I be worried about letting my cat use catnip?

Road trip! How to take my cat on a trip in the car

There’s the Thelma & Louise fantasy of riding in the car with your cat: two carefree souls, out on the open road, looking for adventure. And then there’s the reality of riding in the car with your cat: mile after mile of skull-rattling meowing, followed by a cat who refuses to remove herself from under the seat, or worse, tries to launch herself through the window when you open it at a drive-through.
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