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As fans of the fun and often funny cat blog,, already know, Ernie, Wally, and Zoey can be discerning connoisseurs of new cat products. That's why we were so pleased to receive such a glowing analysis of our Mega Milk Carton from these sagacious felines. 

Ernie says to his human readers:

" know your cats love boxes but you don’t want those ugly brown things cluttering up your house. It’s embarrassing when guests come over. You can’t wait to put them in the recycle bin, right? But why deprive your cats from something they love?"

Ernie then gives the Mega Milk Carton a big "paws up."

You can read the whole review for yourself here:

Fun and Unique Boxes from Cat in the Box


Review of Cat in the Box Mega Milk Carton by



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