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Cat in the Box Goes Live on Instagram with 5 Minute Pitch!

After pitching to 5 Minute Pitch, a Shark Tank-style pitching competition, Dawn LaFontaine, founder of Cat in the Box had a chance to chat with Liz Saunders, host of the show, on Instagram Live.

Watch Cat in the Box on 5 Minute Pitch!

Cat in the Box is thrilled to be featured on a new Shark Tank-like TV show called 5 Minute Pitch! Watch the show and see how we do!

Cat in the Box named a "best gift for cat parents"

Cat in the Box was named a "best gift for cat parents" by Product Hunt, the online go-to place for the next great product.

Thanks for the great review, Three Chatty Cats!

We are so excited to be a part of the 12 Days of Giveaways sponsored by Three Chatty Cats cat blog! Read our terrific review, enter the contest for a free Cat in the Box, or help yourself to a coupon!

400 Foster Kittens

We were the lucky foster family for four beautiful kittens who needed a safe place to heal and grow and become ready for adoption. Foster kittens Starsky, Hutch, Maura, and Jane climbed into both my hair and my heart as we watched them double in size, and then move onto to the next wonderful chapter in their lives.

Thank you, Colehaus Cats, for the awesome review!

Colehaus Cats, a cat blog, gives our Mega Milk carton a glowing review. Miss Newton, Quint, Tessa and the rest are featured playing in some wonderful photos!

Thanks,, for the great review

Many thanks to the fun and funny cat blog, for their glowing review of the Mega Milk Carton!

Dolores loves cardboard boxes, too, especially the Monster Cheese Wedge

Dolores, a long-time resident of Neady Cats shelter, loves cardboard boxes, but especially the Monster Cheese Wedge.

A Visit to NEADY Cats (and meeting Minnie, who loves cardboard boxes)

My husband and I were lucky enough to connect with NEADY Cats, a no-kill cats-only shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts. On a one-day visit, we donated food and a Mega Milk Carton, and got to meet the shelters many residents and volunteers.
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