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A new how-to-assemble video for the Breezy Beach Cottage

Need help assembling your Breezy Beach Cottage? Watch this fun video!

Thanks for featuring us, Project Hatch

We are proud to have been featured in Project Hatch.

Cat in the Box is featured on

We loved being featured in this great article on! Learn about all the weird things cats do when they love you.

Cat in the Box is featured in CEO Blog Nation!

Dawn LaFontaine and Cat in the Box are featured in CEO Blog Nation!

Check out this How Stuff Works article on Munchkin cats!

We were honored to featured in this article about Munchkin cats by How Stuff Works.

U.S. News and World Report Features Comments by Cat in the Box

We loved chatting with Andrea Woroch, writer for U.S. News & Report, about affordable pet-care strategies.

NBC News Features Comments by Cat in the Box

I was so delighted that Cat in the Box was featured in an NBC News article about adopting a pet. The article was about the 10 questions you should ask yourself before bringing a new "fur baby" to his or her "furever" home. 

Listen while I chat cats, boxes, and business with Steve Chou of the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast!

Steve Chou, founder of podcast and blog, Create a Profitable Online Course, and cofounder of Bumblebee Linens was my gracious host on Episode 272, where we chat cats, boxes, and business.
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