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Rocky, the fighter

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Rocky on Wheels inside the Monster Cheese Wedge

Rocky is one lucky cat.

When his mother accidentally dropped him from a high loading dock in Newark, NJ and then abandoned him, that should have been the end for little Rocky who was just a few days old at the time. But instead, he hit the kitty jackpot.

The accident was witnessed by Rocky's human "Dad" who quickly brought the newborn home. The Firestone family, comprised of Benjamin, his wife, Dawn, and their daughter Britney, bottle-fed the baby whom they quickly learned was paralyzed. This did not deter the family who had already fallen in love with Rocky, and who continue to show their love through the considerable care this special-needs cat requires, including multiple daily diaper changes and baths. Dawn also designed and built a series of wheelchairs for Rocky to help him ambulate and which accommodate his growing body.

When I first connected with Dawn through Instagram, she told me that her experience with Rocky has turned into a kind of personal mission for her. Her goal, which she promotes through accounts in Rocky's name on social media, is to convey that special needs cats can lead "beautiful lives," and should be adopted, not euthanized. 

Rocky on Wheels in the Monster Cheese WedgeI was moved by Rocky's story myself and supplied the family with a Monster Cheese Wedge because Rocky, like cats all over, enjoys a good cardboard box. Given the fact that he can't climb into an ordinary box, we both thought the Cheese Wedge would allow him to crawl in and enjoy all the benefits of cardboard-box sitting. In every way but one, Rocky is just an ordinary cat, enjoying his toys, his food, his family, and his feline sister Mittens.



For more information, or to donate to Rocky's care, including his ongoing rehabilitation, connect with Rocky and the Firestones through social media:







Or, watch this replay of a report on Rocky's story on News 12 New Jersey:


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