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Cat in the Box is on our favorite cat podcast: Cattitude!

Cattitude podcast Episode 83


If you love podcasts -- like me -- and you love cats -- also like me, you've surely uncovered the gem that is the Cattitude podcast, hosted by the inimitable Michelle Fern.

Cattitude is one of a number of podcasts in the Pet Life Radio family, which features weekly pet-related talk shows broadcast to over 150 subscribers worldwide. Pet Life Radio just recently won a prestigious Genesis Award, and is the Official Radio Network of the American Humane Association. 

Cattitude is devoted exclusively to all things kitty. A recent episode covered the issue of finding a good cat sitter, while another was dedicated the hairless Sphynx breed. Yet another featured a veterinarian answering common cat questions. Michelle Fern also enjoys uncovering unique products, including the Monster Cheese Wedge by Cat in the Box.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Michelle about all things cardboard. Give us a listen!

Cattitude - Episode 83 The Cat is Out of the Bag About Boxes

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